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Due to the closure of the airspace, Platov Airport temporarily does not accept and does not release aircraft until further notice.
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Veterinary Control and Plant Control

For the purpose of travelling with domestic animals or plants carriage by air, it is required to go through preliminary phytosanitary or veterinary control. Animal quarantine and phytosanitary control rooms are located on the terminal ground floor.

At the time of the flight ticket purchase, it is necessary to remember that carriage of animals is prohibited for certain types of line aircrafts. For more detailed information, please, apply to the airline company.

If you have any questions, please, call:  

+7 (863) 322 95 41, +7 (928) 613 68 33 (24/7)
Duty veterinarian 

+7 928 155-94-51 (24/7) 
Duty phitosanitary inspector 

The mass of carried animals or birds, including the mass of the container (cage) and food, is not included in the free baggage norm. The animal is weighed together with the container, with the carriage price depending on their total weight. Animal transportation is paid for in the air ticket office or in the check in hall.   

Free carriage is provided for guide dogs without cage in addition to the free baggage norm, provided that such dog has a collar and a muzzle and the owner hold it on the leash.   

If you carry plants, it is recommended that you apply to the phytosanitary control service where you will get information on plants transportation rules.  

The free baggage norm does not include flowers, young plants, alimentary greens, tree branches with the total mass exceeding 5 kg.   

Import of quarantineable products to the territory of the Russian Federation

It is prohibited to import soil or any plant products contaminated by quarantine pest to the territory of the RF.

Individuals are not allowed to import: live rooted plants and their underground parts with soil, live cultures of excitants of plant, mushroom, bacteria, virus, insect diseases causing damage to plants.

Pursuant to the law of the RF, quaratineable goods can be seized, destroyed, or returned to the exporting country, according to specialists’ prescriptions.

In the events provided for by the plant quarantine rules and regulations, import of quaratineable products to the territory of the RF is allowed, if there is a phytosanitary certificate of the exporting country.

Export of quarantineable products from the territory of the Russian Federation

Any quarantineable products exported from the territory of the Russian Federation must comply with phytosanitary provisions of international plant quarantine and protection agreements.

Any quarantineable products are subject to inspection on the basis of which a phytosanitary certificate is issued.   

Exported goods go through phytosanitary control at the points of such goods initial shipment and, for the second time, at the airport.

If you have any questions, please, call

A passenger must declare any animal carriage on board at the time of the flight ticket purchase. Any passenger is allowed to carry not more than two animals at a time. All questions regarding any species or breed import permit must be settled with the consulate of the country of destination. A passenger must have a certificate issued by a competent state authority and any other documents required by veterinary authorities of any country to, from, or through the territory of which the animal is to be carried.     

The number of the relevant baggage spaces designated for animal carriage is different for different aircrafts, so, it is recommended to get information on the carriage terms: carrier guarantees, transportation norms, at the time of the flight ticket purchase. Also take into consideration your pet’s behavior specifics.

Animals are accepted for carriage subject to the passenger’s assuming full responsibility for them. The carrier is not responsible for carried animal bodily injury, loss, delay in delivery, disease or death, including refusal in import to, or transit through, any country or territory.


For animal carriage, the following documents are required:

  • the Pet Passport,
  • the animal health certificate (issued by any state veterinary clinic. The certificate shall provide information on vaccinations in accordance with the animal age. The last rabies vaccination must be administered within one year and at least two months before departure).
  • club (SKOR or RKF) certificate confirming that the dog has no breeding value. Other clubs certificates give rise to questions during customs clearance.
  • Any other documents required by state authorities (to be specified with the carrier airline).


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