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Due to the closure of the airspace, Platov Airport temporarily does not accept and does not release aircraft until further notice.
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If your baggage is missing or damaged, you need to contact the Lost & Found personnel in the baggage claim area and report the incident immediately after you detects that your baggage is damaged or missing, submitting relevant documents (your boarding pass and baggage tags) and your identity document.

Please keep your flight documents, in particular, your boarding pass and baggage tag claim ticket.

A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) reference number will be assigned upon a written application of a passenger on the basis of flight documents. You can check the PIR reference number status by performing the following steps:
  1. Visit the official website of the relevant airline by clicking on the airline logo below.
  2. Once you are on the airline official website, select “Check the baggage tracing status”
  3. To view information about your delayed baggage in a special window, please specify:
    • baggage tracing file — PIR, 10 letters and numbers
    • your surname in Latin characters
    • click “Submit”.
  4. Make sure that the data you have entered into the system are correct. If the application data (name, surname, phone number, address, or baggage description) is to be changed (corrected), or if you have any questions about your baggage tracing, please call the number listed on the PIR.

Baggage status check

If you flighted by one of the airlines listed below, you can check the status of your baggage online. Select the airline in the list below.

Please note: Lost baggage is traced within 21 days upon application.
21 days have elapsed and your baggage has not been found?

Contact your airline and raise a written claim. The decision on compensation in money and the sum thereof is made by the airline based on the provisions of the Air Code of the Russian Federation, the Warsaw Convention and the regulatory documents of the relevant Airline.

Dear passengers, we make every effort to find your baggage as soon as possible.
We will notify you as soon as your baggage arrives at Platov Airport.

Rules of Baggage Carriage Passenger baggage is taken on carriage when being checked at the airport of departure. An air passenger may carry baggage within the allowance at no additional charge. Free baggage allowance, including carry-on baggage, is set by an airline. Read more about the general rules of air baggage carriage in the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation (excerpts from the Order are given below).

Not recommended to place the following things in their baggage

  • jewels;
  • bills and coins;
  • documents and securities;
  • fragile items and perishable foods.

Excess or oversize baggage

Each piece of checked baggage shall have proper packaging which preserves it during carriage and handling. Baggage with visible damage may be taken on carriage with the consent of the airline only. Damages shall be confirmed by the passenger’s signature when the baggage is documented for taking on carriage.

In case of excess baggage, the difference between the free baggage allowance and the weight of baggage presented for taking on carriage shall be paid as per the charges established by the airline at the airline’s ticket office.

At Platov International Airport, you may use baggage wrapping services. Special stretch film will protect your baggage from dirt, unauthorized access and self-opening. Our professional team will wrap your baggage in less than 1 minute.

Check-in area


600  rub.
1 piece
800  rub.
For oversized (more then 50×50×100 сm and 30 kg)

Premium wrap

700  rub.
Strong packaging film and sticker 

When several items are packed into one, each item is paid.

Oversized baggage:

  • if the dimensions in one of the directions exceed 50x50x1000 cm and/or the weight is 30 kg or more;
  • baby strollers, bicycles, seats; sports equipment, musical instruments, etc.


Automatic baggage lockers are available at Platov International Airport for the convenience of passengers. 

Exit area





Baggage lockers terms of use

  • Each subsequent day of storage is charged on delivery of your baggage.

  • Individual items of the deposited baggage are not delivered. If a passenger needs some items from his or her baggage, he or she should first receive his or her baggage back and then pay for further storage.

  • If a client has lost the receipt, the baggage will be released on the basis of his or her application supported by relevant proving documents. 100 rub. are charged for the lost receipt.

  • Items that are not received back by the owner within 30 days after they are deposited are considered unclaimed and disposed of.

According to Art. 108 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation, “the airline is liable for the loss, shortage of or damage to baggage after the baggage is accepted for air transportation and before it is delivered to the passenger.”
If your luggage has been lost or damage, go to the Lost & Found Office team in the baggage claim area to report such am loss or damage.

    Upon a written application of the passenger, a member of the Lost & Found Office team takes the following measures in order to return your baggage:

  • sends a request for baggage to the airport of departure;
  • sends requests to the airport where the baggage could have been delivered by mistake;
  • sends a request for dispatch of the baggage, if it is found.
In accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, the Baggage tracing period makes 21 days. If at the end of this period the baggage is not found, the passenger may claim compensation for damage from the airline.
A passenger may claim compensation for visible damage to the baggage only. A passenger may not claim compensation for damage to the contents of the baggage.
The following transportation documents shall be attached to the claim for damage to the passenger baggage:
  • air ticket (boarding pass and/or electronic ticket itinerary receipt);
  • claim ticket
  • airline’s special certificate of damage with detailed description of the damages to baggage (to be documented upon addressing the baggage tracing team).

Baggage claim area 

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