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Due to the closure of the airspace, Platov Airport temporarily does not accept and does not release aircraft until further notice.
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Passengers Corporate

VIP Terminal

Cosy atmosphere, fine cuisine, and helpful personnel are only some of the privileges offered in the VIP terminal of Platov International Airport.

Privileged passengers are offered: separate parking, concierge service, individual check-in and going through pre-flight formalities, baggage check-in and wrapping, transfer to the air stair, personal meeting of passengers on arrival, a restaurant, a conference room and talks rooms, individual sitting areas and a children's area.

Comfortable waiting areas, a restaurant, a courtyard garden, and two conference rooms are located on the ground floor. A soothing grey colour dominates in the interior complemented by modern art objects.

A garden and a bar with a stunning view of the runway is arranged in the operated roof of the second floor.

A passenger can use services of the VIP-terminal, regardless of the ticket class.


One-time visit
VIP cards
Extra service
For one person
26 000 rub.
45 000 rub.
Joint travel
21 000 rub.
departure + arrival
34 000 rub.
* For 5 and more persons
Guest to see or meet-off
3 000 rub.
Status card
Unlimited visits
750 000 rub.
* personal, an accompanying person is served at half price
Platinum card
40 visits limit
530 000 rub.
* personal, an accompanying person is served at half price
Family card
15 visits limit
300 000 rub.
* Children ages 2-12 are charged 50% o the adult passenger rate. Children under 2 are free.
Gold card
20 visits limit
300 000 rub.
* personal card
Silver card
15 visits limit
225 000 rub.
* personal card
Pearl card
15 visits limit
300 000 rub.
* bearer shares
Rent a meeting room
Conference room for 20 pers
5 000 rub. per/h
Conference room for 45 pers
10 000 rub. per/h
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