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Due to the closure of the airspace, Platov Airport temporarily does not accept and does not release aircraft until further notice.
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Disabled Facilities and Special Assistance

The Platov airport pays special attention to passengers having difficulties in movement by ensuring maximally quick and comfortable execution of all necessary formalities (check in, customs surveillance and border monitoring, assistance at the time of baggage check in and receipt), by meeting the customers upon arrival at the airport and accompanying them to the boarding point, as well as from the board upon arrival. Such services are provided by the airport free of charge.   

At the time of reservation and execution of the air carriage agreement, passengers with reduced mobility must notify the carrier or the carrier’s agent, and, where a tourist product sale contract is entered, the tour operator or tour agent, of their disabilities and of the dimensions, weight, and any other characteristics of their individual means of transportation (including existence and technical specifications of any batteries) carried on board aircraft.     

Please, notice that the decision on acceptance for carriage of any passengers with reduced mobility is made by the airline company on the basis of a medical report and taking into account a number of factors: the passenger’s medical condition, restrictions as to the number of special category passengers on the flight, availability of any special equipment during the flight. You can get more detailed information on the rules of air service for passengers with reduced mobility from the airline you have selected.

If, at the time of reservation, you did not notify the airline company of your special needs, you can always contact us to notify the airport thereof by telephone 

Before departure for the airport, please, make sure that you have all documents required for the travel.

In accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 181, Article 15, dated November 24, 1995, 10% of parking lots are given for disabled people, as well as vehicles transporting disabled adults and children.

Vehicles shall be parked only at specially designated places.

For the provision of beneficial parking service, a "disabled" sign shall be applied on the vehicle and information about the vehicle shall be entered in the federal register.

In case of violation of parking rules, the service shall be paid as per the current rates.

To obtain the beneficial service, please call the parking staff. Find the call button on the parking equipment.

For the purpose of any additional questions, clarifications, you can call:

to communicate with the airport information desk (round-the-clock) +7 (863) 333 48 65  

to get parking services information (round-the-clock)  +7 (863) 333 47 69

At the entrance to the terminal, there is a call button for organizing passenger escorting on the territory of the passenger terminal .

Inside the terminal, you can also apply for assistance at the information desk to the right from the display board.

Free baggage air service and baggage dimensions norms are established by the carrier airline. Any restrictions applicable to carriage on board of individual means of transportation, whether as cabin baggage or checked-in baggage, are established by the carrier airline. 

In the event of travelling with an electric wheelchair, you should take into consideration the following IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations:  

- an electric wheelchair shall be checked in, with the battery to be disconnected at the time of registration (passengers using  an electric wheelchair must have a set of keys/devices for disconnecting the wheelchair battery clamps and the battery package, in accordance with the ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air. The electric wheelchair battery clamps are disconnected and connected by passengers independently or, on service request, by the airport employee); 

- wet batteries are disconnected, packed, and checked in. 

At the time of check in for a flight departing for the Platov airport, please, notify the airport what special services or assistance you may require upon arrival. If you have checked-in independently and in advance using mobile registration, apply to the departure airport check in counter from the airline website or the airport self-service kiosk to make an entry regarding the services you need at the airport of destination.

Upon arrival at the Platov airport, you will get assistance at the time of disembarkation, baggage claim, and, if necessary, escorting to the motor vehicle. In accordance with civil aviation normative documents, assistance in disembarkation to passengers with reduced mobility is rendered upon completion of all passengers disembarkation.

  • +7 (863) 333 48 65  (24 hours) — information about the procedure of services provision in the airport for passengers among disabled individuals and other persons with life activity restrictions, receiving requests for service;
  • +7 (863) 333 46 17 (24 hours) — information on matters of medical support and issue of relevant documents;

  • +7 (863) 333 47 69  (24 hours) – parking.
  • Order of the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport (Russian Ministry of Transport) dd. 15 February 2016 No. 24, Moscow, On Approval of Procedure of Services Provision to Passengers among Disabled Individuals and other Persons with Life Activity Restrictions in Airports and onboard of Aircraft.
  • Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 1 December 2014 No. 419-FZ On amendments to individual legislative acts of the Russian Federation on matters of social security of disabled individuals in connection with ratification of Conventions on Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Federal Law of November 24, 1995 No. 181-FZ On Social Security of Disabled Individuals in the Russian Federation (with amendments and supplements).
  • Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities passed by UN General Assembly on 13 December 2006.
  • Federal Aviation Regulations General Rules of Air Carriage of Passengers, Luggage and Goods and Requirements to Servicing of Passengers, Shippers and Consignees (approved by Order of the Russian Ministry of Transport No. 82 of 28 June 2007).
  • Russian Air Code (Sec. 106.1) and other regulatory legislative acts.
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