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Due to the closure of the airspace, Platov Airport temporarily does not accept and does not release aircraft until further notice.
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Requirements for Departing Passengers

On the territory of Platov Airport, in accordance with Decree of the Government of the Rostov Region No. 272 dated April 5, 2020, visitors are required to:

- Observe the mask regulation and wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth during their stay; if the passenger does not have means of personal protection, they can purchase them in vending machines both before entering the airport and on the territory of the passenger terminal;

- Observe a social distance of 1.5 meters.

Passengers are recommended:

- to arrive at the airport no earlier than two hours prior to departure;

- to refrain from the presence of accompanying (see-offs) or meeting parties in the passenger terminal;

- to wash their hands more often with soap or apply antiseptic; automatic non-contact dispensers with antiseptic are available in all functional areas of the airport;

- to reduce the number of social contacts, check in for their flight online and use the mobile boarding pass service, or print the boarding pass from their mobile device on their own;

- in case of feeling unwell, refrain from the flight and stay home.

At the airport, non-contact thermometry of visitors and passengers is performed using thermal imagers. In accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Air Transport Agency, if a person with an elevated body temperature is detected, the airport shall transmit information thereon to the airline (if the person is a passenger) in order to decide on the possibility of flying; and to the law enforcement authorities for taking relevant measures.

Air communication on the territory of Russia is performed without restrictions.

International air communication from Platov Airport as of February 10, 2021 is performed to the following states:

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