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Due to the closure of the airspace, Platov Airport temporarily does not accept and does not release aircraft until further notice.
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Measures Adopted at the Airport

In accordance with the Guidelines On for the Phased Withdrawal from Anti-Epidemic Restrictions Introduced in the Fight Against the Spread of a New Coronavirus Infection during the Restitution of Civil Air Passenger Services, the following anti-epidemic measures were taken at Platov Airport: 

  • Information (brochures) with recommendations by the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing are posted in public areas, and audio announcements are broadcast. Passengers are informed of the requirement to use means of personal protection.
  • In the absence of means of personal protection, passengers can purchase them in the vending machine at the entrance to the terminal building, prior to the entrance control.
  • Non-contact thermometry is performed using a thermal imager at the entrance to the terminal building, and at the entrance to the pre-flight inspection hall.
  • Passengers are informed about the requirement to refrain from staying on the territory of the airport for long periods of over two hours.
  • Visitors are informed about the requirement to minimize the number of accompanying (see-offs) or meeting parties, or to completely refrain from their presence in the passenger terminal.
  • Passengers and employees are provided with access to disinfectants, dispensers with antiseptics are placed in both public and service areas.
  • In the passenger terminal and in the apron buses, markings on the floor and on the seats are provided to maintain social distance.
  • Every day, employees of the airport services in contact with passengers, as well as employees of shops and cafes located in the passenger terminal, undergo medical examinations, including body temperature measurement.
  • Platov Airport employees are provided with means of personal protection: masks, gloves, safety glasses or screens; Platov Airport employees in contact with passengers wear means of personal protection during work.
  • Approved disinfectants are used for cleaning the airport facilities; contact surfaces (check-in counters, handrails, door handles, elevator buttons, etc.) are disinfected every two hours.
  • Regular disinfection of transport and special equipment involved in passenger service (buses, self-propelled steps) is provided.
  • Control over the air conditioning and ventilation systems has been enhanced, and extraordinary maintenance has been performed.

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