For physically disabled passengers


Conditions for servicing of physically disabled passengers are provided in the Platov International Airport:

  • The airport building is fitted with equipment for access to the check-in and departure area. A physically disabled passenger can use it on his/her own or advise airport staff about the need for escorting.
  • An escort agent helps the passenger with check-in, luggage check, delivery of the passenger to the departure area and to the aircraft and with boarding upon request of the passenger traveling in the wheelchair concerning his/her transportation. An escort agent meets physically disabled passengers upon arrival alongside the aircraft after debarkation of all passengers; he escorts the passenger to the luggage claim area, helps to receive luggage and escorts further on to exit from the air terminal.
  • Boarding (debarkation from the aircraft) is made as required using the ambulant elevator (ambulift).
  • In case the passenger desires to independently check in for the flight, he/she can do this at the flight check-in counter. A separate passage for low-mobility people with a warning sign is available in the area for pre-flight inspection of passengers and hand luggage.
  • An elevator is available for descent to the first floor in the apron approach area. Low-mobility people can use it on their own.
  • Specially outfitted toilets for physically disabled passengers are available at all storeys of the airport.
  • Slots for parking of vehicles with Disable Individual sign are designated on the parking area of the airport. Free parking is in effect for these categories of citizens subject to a relevant certificate.  The parking area dispatcher should be contacted to this end.
  • All process areas for passenger servicing are fitted with hearing loops.
  • The airport terminal entrance is fitted with a special warning tactile paving for blind and visually challenged passengers. A mimic diagram is mounted at the terminal entrance.
  • An area for guide dog walking is available.
  • An opportunity is provided for passengers requiring medical aid to check in for the flight via the medical station located on Floor 1 of the airport, and a special vehicle will then carry you to the aircraft. Support by a qualified medical worker is provided in case of necessity.

Preparation for a trip

When booking and making an air carriage agreement, passengers with reduced mobility and other individuals with vital activity restrictions should inform the carrier or the carrier’s agent, and when making a tourist product sale agreement - the tour operator or the tour agent about their restrictions of vital activity and about size, weight and other characteristics of individual mobility means (including presence and performance characteristics of storage batteries) carried onboard the aircraft.

Please note that the airline makes a decision on acceptance of passengers with reduced mobility for carriage on the basis of a medical conclusion and subject to a range of factors: health state of the passenger, limitations on the number of passengers of special categories in flight, and the opportunity to provide special equipment in flight.

Detailed information about rules of air carriage of physically disabled passengers can be received from an airline, whose services you prefer using.

Before flight

If you have not notified the airline about special needs and health restrictions when booking, then you can always contact us and inform the airport about them by phone +7 (863) 333-48-65 (24 hours per day).

Please check whether you take all the documents required in the trip before departing to the airport.

Parking on airport landside

  • Disabled individuals can take advantage of the airport parking facility in accordance with Russian laws FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Specially designated parking points for disabled individuals on the Platov Airport landside are intended for transport with Disabled Individual identification sign.
  • Physically disabled drivers must post the Disabled Individual identification sign on their vehicles in front and from the rear of mechanical transportation means driven by disabled individuals or carrying disabled individuals or disabled children.
  • The following is needed to take advantage of free special parking slots on the Platov International Airport landside area: 
  • Receive an electronic parking ticket at the automatic counter when entering.
  • Drive to a free parking slot identified by a special sign.
Bear original documents evidencing disability.

You can get help when leaving the transport and present a request for special service: 

  • via the parking dispatcher, pressing the call button on the automatic counter. The following is needed when exiting, in front of turnstiles: 
  • Ask the parking area employee;
  • Hand over data of your disabled individual’s card. 

Inside Terminal

A call button to support passenger escorting over the Airport Terminal area is located at the terminal entrance.

You can also ask for help inside the terminal by approaching the information counter located opposite the terminal entrance. 

Luggage check-in and service

An airline determines the standard rate of free luggage carriage and its sizes on board of the aircraft.

An airline sets forth restrictions when carrying individual transportation means on board of the aircraft as hand luggage or checked-in luggage.

Traveling in electrically driven motorized wheelchair

You need to take into consideration the following IATA rules of hazardous goods transportation:

  • An electrically driven motorized wheelchair is delivered to luggage; a storage battery is disconnected when checking in (passengers using the electrically driven motorized wheelchair shall bear a set of keys/accessories for disconnection of terminals of the motorized wheelchair storage battery and a package for storage battery in accordance with ICAO Technical Instructions on safe carriage of hazardous goods by air. Passengers disconnect and connect terminals of the electrically driven motorized wheelchair storage battery independently or by an airport employee when the service is requested).
  • Liquid batteries are disconnected, packed and transferred to luggage.

Passengers arriving at Rostov-on-Don airport

  • When checking in for a flight departing to the Platov Airport, please make sure that you advise the airport about special services and help you will need when arriving at the airport. If you checked in for a flight in advance independently or using mobile registration, from an airline website or at a self-registration stand in the airport, please approach the check-in counter of the departure airport to make an entry about services you will need in the destination airport.
  • You will get help when arriving at the Platov Airport for debarkation from the aircraft, luggage receipt and accompanying to motor transport if required. In accordance with regulatory documents of civil aviation, you will get help with debarkation from the aircraft after completion of debarkation of all passengers.

Contact information

+7 (863) 333-48-65 (24 hours) – information about the procedure of services provision in the airport for passengers among disabled individuals and other persons with life activity restrictions, receiving requests for service;

+7 (863) 333-46-17 (24 hours) – information on matters of medical support and issue of relevant documents;

+7 (863) 333-47-69 (24 hours) – information about parking services.

Regulatory Documents

  • Order of the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport (Russian Ministry of Transport) dd. 15 February 2016 No. 24, Moscow,
  • On Approval of Procedure of Services Provision to Passengers among Disabled Individuals and other Persons with Life Activity Restrictions in Airports and onboard of Aircraft.
  • Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 1 December 2014 No. 419-FZ On amendments to individual legislative acts of the Russian Federation on matters of social security of disabled individuals in connection with ratification of Conventions on Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Federal Law of November 24, 1995 No. 181-FZ On Social Security of Disabled Individuals in the Russian Federation 
    (with amendments and supplements).
  • Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities passed by UN General Assembly on 13 December 2006.
  • Federal Aviation Regulations General Rules of Air Carriage of Passengers, Luggage and Goods and Requirements to Servicing of Passengers, Shippers and Consignees 
    (approved by Order of the Russian Ministry of Transport No. 82 of 28 June 2007).
  • Russian Air Code (Sec. 106.1) and other regulatory legislative acts.
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