Platov Airport Serviced One†and†Half Million of†Passengers in†First Half of†2018

Passenger traffic of†the†Platov International Airport (member of†the†Airports of†Regions Holding) amounted to†1.519 million persons from January to†June 2018, which is†23%†above the†like last-year period. The†number of†aircraft takeoff rose by†27%†and†amounted to†7,029 operations.

International destinations showed the most proactive growth. 343 k passengers took advantage of international flights. Growth relatively to the first half of 2017 is 29%. Flights to Antalya, Tbilisi, Dubai, Istanbul and Erevan enjoyed the highest popularity.

Passenger traffic on domestic lines totaled 1.176 million people, up 22% against first 6 months of 2017. Top 5 domestic destinations: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Simferopol, Ekaterinburg and Sochi, with Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Sochi becoming growth drivers. †

5 carriers generated the bulk of the passenger traffic in the Platov Airport during first 6 months of the year: Pobeda, Aeroflot - Russian Airlines, Rossiya, S7 Airlines and Azimuth Company, which dynamically increases air transportation volumes on account of opening a range of regional routes.†

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