Transfer carriage in Platov Airport rose by 37%

Transfer transportation of the Platov International Airport (member of the Airports of Regions Holding) surged 37% in the first half of 2018.  45.8 k people used the Rostov-on-Don air hub as a transfer one during first six months of this year.

  Flights between 50 pairs of Russian and foreign cities were made in total with transfer or transit in Rostov-on-Don.   Pobeda, Azimuth and Ural Airlines took the lead in carriage of transit passengers. Over 95% of passengers that selected the connection of flights in Rostov-on-Don took advantage of services of these carriers.   The transfer passenger traffic in the Platov Airport was largely formed on account of passengers traveling from Russian cities to Georgia, Armenia and backward. The share of the most popular Moscow - Tbilisi / Tbilisi - Moscow transfer route accounted for 75% from the total number of transfers. 



Platov Airport Serviced One and Half Million of Passengers in First Half of 2018

Passenger traffic of the Platov International Airport (member of the Airports of Regions Holding) amounted to 1.519 million persons from January to June 2018, which is 23% above the like last-year period. The number of aircraft takeoff rose by 27% and amounted to 7,029 operations.

International destinations showed the most proactive growth. 343 k passengers took advantage of international flights. Growth relatively to the first half of 2017 is 29%. Flights to Antalya, Tbilisi, Dubai, Istanbul and Erevan enjoyed the highest popularity.

Passenger traffic on domestic lines totaled 1.176 million people, up 22% against first 6 months of 2017. Top 5 domestic destinations: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Simferopol, Ekaterinburg and Sochi, with Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Sochi becoming growth drivers.  

5 carriers generated the bulk of the passenger traffic in the Platov Airport during first 6 months of the year: Pobeda, Aeroflot - Russian Airlines, Rossiya, S7 Airlines and Azimuth Company, which dynamically increases air transportation volumes on account of opening a range of regional routes. 


Platov Airport Determines Most Punctual Airlines in First Half of 2018

The Platov International Airport (member of the Airports of Regions Holding) has prepared the punctuality rating of airlines making flights from Rostov-on-Don as at the end of the first half of 2018.

All carriers were broken down into three groups.

Group I: Russian airlines that made at least 180 departure flights in 6 months;

Group II: Russian airlines that completed less than 180 departure flights in 6 months;

Group III: overseas carriers.

A deviation from the departure time by more than 15 minutes was regarded as a delay, net of delays occurred due to weather conditions.

Rossiya, Royal Flight and Belavia airlines became the most punctual in their groups as at the end of the first half of 2018. Details of the punctuality rating are presented in the table.

Airlines punctuality rating as of January-June 2018 end





Russian carriers (Group 1)




Rossiya airline maintained the leading position in the first half of 2018.




Both airlines were in the top three in the second group as of 2017 year-end. Air carriers were not merely able to increase the number of flights made in the first half of the year but to maintain high punctuality as well.


Aeroflot - Russian Airlines


The airline increased the punctuality indicator by one point but at the same time descended from the second to the third place in the rating, giving the way to Yamal and Azimuth.

Russian carriers (Group 2)


Royal Flight


A newcomer in the rating




A newcomer in the rating




The airline secured the third line in the rating but increased the regularity of flights by two percentage points.

International carriers




A newcomer in the rating


Turkish Airlines


The carrier went from the first place to the second one.


Uzbekistan Airways


The carrier went down from the second place to the third one.


The passenger traffic in the Platov Airport surged by 50% during the World Cup.

The Platov International Airport (member of the Airports of Regions Holding) serviced 257.8 k passengers from June 14 to July 3, 2018, which is 51% above the like period in the last year. The number of airfield operation soared by 69.9% as well: the total number of arriving and departing flights amounted to 2,346 during the Mundial period. Each fourth flight was added to the schedule – for transportation of teams, organized groups of fans, and official delegations to the World Cup matches held in Rostov-on-Don.

The all-time high daily passenger traffic was recorded on June 23, 2018. The Platov Airport serviced 19.7 k individuals and 212 flights on the day of the match between teams of Mexico and the Republic of Korea, which is 2 times above the standard load in summer season. Boeing 747, one of the largest civil airplanes, landed in the Rostov-on-Don airport for the first time on the same day and the airport received wide-body aircraft Boeing 777 for three times and Airbus A330 - twice in total during the World Cup period.Rostov-on-Don was connected by flights with all cities where World Cup matches were held during Mundial days and growth was recorded on all of them. In particular, passenger traffic to Ekaterinburg surged 5.5-fold (3.8 k individuals), to Sochi - by 3.7 times (3.7 k individuals), to Samara - 2.5-fold (2.6 k individuals). The number of passengers to St. Petersburg surged by 43% (20.2 k individuals) and to Moscow - by 49.8% (136.9 k individuals). 5 thousand more passengers were carried by flights to Kaliningrad, Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Saransk, and Volgograd.We would like to note specifically that the passenger traffic in the VIP terminal of the Platov Airport increased significantly. 1,105 passengers took advantage of the VIP terminal during the period of group stage and the last sixteen matches of the World Cup, which is 4 times above the like period of the last year.– It can be stated with confidence that the Platov Airport – the infrastructure, the staff and our aviation and commercial partners – successfully coped with servicing of the World Cup guests, says Sergei Krasnov, the Executive Director of the Platov Airport. – We managed to efficiently organize work on concurrent servicing of thousands of guests, keep regularity of flights at a high level, and ensure aviation safety. Nevertheless, we believe that the main result is our readiness to work later on at such events of international scale. World Cup guests appreciated hospitality of Rostov-on-Don in general and friendliness of the Platov Airport staff in particular. Concerts and match broadcasts took place daily in the hospitality zone. Folk teams welcomed organized groups of fans. Volunteers and interpreters helped with taking bearings in the airport and transport connections with the city and the Rostov Area. Announcements were dubbed in foreign language during arrival days of fans - in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, etc. 


All-time high daily passenger traffic registered in Platov Airport

23 June 2018 became the record-breaking for the Platov International Airport (member of the Airports of Regions Holding). The new Rostov-on-Don airport serviced 19,753 persons on that day. This is record-breaking daily passenger traffic in the history of the Don aviation. Daily traffic in Platov amounts to 10-11 thousand people in usual summer time.

Airlines completed 212 airfield operations on June 23. That is, aircraft made landings and takeoff in the Rostov-on-Don airport every 6.8 minutes during the day. The highest figure was reached on account of popular tourist destinations and extra flights appointed in connection with the World Cup. Thus, a Boeing 777 with 442 passengers landed in the Platov on Saturday and a double-deck Boeing 747 also made the first landing in history. Furthermore, 17 Airbus-319, 17 Airbus-320, 8 Airbus-321, and 11 Boeing 737-800 also landed in the Platov on the same day.

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