Buses and fixed-route taxi vans

Platov Airport complex is connected to Rostov-on-Don using two transportation routes: 

  • Route 285: from Train Station Square along Levobereahnaya St., M-4 Don Highway, Rostov-on-Don Nothern Bypass road and down the southern approach road to Platov Airport, both on the way to the airport  and back. 

  • Route 286: from Oktyabrskaya Square bus terminal (Suburban Bus Station) along Sholokhov Avenue, M-4 Don Highwayand down the southern approach road to Platov Airport, both on the way to the airport and back. 

Train Station and Oktyabrskaya Squares are Rostov-on-Don’s major transport hubs concentrating various kinds of transport. 

There is a minimal number of stops on the aforesaid routes. 

Route 285 has an intermediate stop in Aksai city (Zapadnaya St., Ì-4 Don Road, crossover bridge). 

Route 286 has two stops: close to Rostov-on-Don old airport location in Sholokhov Avenue (upon request) and in Krasky Kolos settlement on Ì-4 Don Road. The latter stop is organised for the convenience of people residing in the region’s northern territories, where they are able to transfer to the buses going to Platov Airport Complex. 

Routes 285 and 286 travel time will be up to 1 hour. 

The fare from Train Station Square is RUB 95, from Oktyabrskaya Square (Suburban Bus Station) RUB 75. 

Bus services to Platov Airport operates on a 24/7 basis. 

The interval between buses is 30 - 40 depending on the time of day. 

Route No. 285

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Route No. 286

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